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#85224 - 04/04/11 06:30 PM Re: pumping mommas [Re: KaR]
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Hope your NICU stay is over soon -- hang in there! I remember hobbling to the NICU with swollen feet and twinges from the scar to deliver milk after the C-sec. I wish there was a pump design that would work while we sleep! Try to have your pump & bottled water by your bedside, can your husband clean/sterilize your pump parts so they're ready to go?

It's hard to pull yourself out of bed, esp. at wintertime I would give myself incentives, e.g., a fav DVD in the laptop and chocolate croissants waiting by the pump. Oatmeal and chicken/tuna salad did help increase pump volume. Once you've pushed through two weeks of v. frequent pumping to establish your supply, you'll breathe easier. At home I night-nursed side-lying in bed, once the twins started sleeping more I pumped at 12 & 3 & 6 am. Don't lose heart; after disruptions I was able to increase my supply at 3, 6, and 9 mos.

I've read the more frequently you empty your breasts, not only will milk volume increase, but the fat and calorie content of your milk also depend on the degree of breast 'emptiness'. This might suggest that nursing baby again soon after nursing or pumping is a good idea to stimulate supply and give baby more fat calories. Here's the link:

#85226 - 04/05/11 03:48 AM Re: pumping mommas [Re: Faith08]
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speaking of sterilizing pump parts......I fell in love with these:

So quick! I often slipped binkies in the bags, too. We used the platex didn't have bottles to sterilize with it..just the nipples.

#85780 - 06/17/11 06:59 PM Re: pumping mommas [Re: KaR]
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my nurses told me about domperidone i'm sure i'm not spelling that right but, i have been taking that and have been getting a way better supply of milk i tripled what i was getting. but like you said kar i should be pumping every 2 hours and i drag myself till my boobs are so sore i cant take it anymore which does not help the situation. right now i'm getting about 2 ounces on each side and there both olny needing 1 ounces each. but i don't feel empty either, i always feel like i need to pump again ten min later. but i'm hoping when they come home i will start getting a way better supply. bc i really dont want to give them formula yet.

#87809 - 04/11/13 07:39 PM Re: pumping mommas [Re: KaR]
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I would just like to say thanks to all you ladies too! This has been a question on my mind as well. I was fortunate for full term babies in my previous pregnancies and no latching issues. I am trying to prepare myself to pump if thats the only way my babies can get breastmilk!

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