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#88407 - 04/24/15 09:00 PM My girls are almost five
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I haven't written here for almost five years. I remember five years ago when this site was my source of hope and comfort. I would read the stories am know that i was not alone. Other moms shared the same angst that I did. Very decision was difficult, my husband relied on our faith to make our decisions. We're decided to wait until the girls were 34 weeks with the support of our doctor.
I went inpatient when i was 26 weeks and was ready to deliver at any time. We had a couple scares where we could not hear their hearts beating but nothing to alarming to the point of having a C-sections. Our girls hanged in there until the day of the delivery. I remember praying that they cried once they were born and remember hearing the doctors talking about their apgar score. Isabella didn't do so great an before i knew it they were all gone to the NICU level 3. I saw them for a little second and they were both gone to be attended by their doctors.
One day went by and they were doing good so they were able to move to the lower level of care NICU. There they stayed for 21 days. They did so good. Initially they were put in the incubator but they both spent so much energy trying to roll over to get closer that the doctor encouraged us to take them off of the incubator and out them in the same crib. And we did that, amazingly they started to gain weight and hold their temperature, They just wanted to be together. The stay at the NICU was not so bad, they let me stay there all day, expect 1 hour a day. I do not have any other kids so i had the privilege to stay there all day long. They got healthier and stronger but could not feed without having bradycardia. Eventually, they got better but we had to come home with the monitors. For months, we were so insecure always scared that something would happens, that they would struggle developmentally or something.
God blessed us so much that all of this was only a big scare and that both of my girls are fighters and now they are the two most amazing girls that I have ever known.
I have been planning on writing a post for years now but the girls kept me busy. I've never forgotten however, how this group was important to me and how reading post had helped me keep my hope and faith.
Be strong, have faith, cry when you need, get the support that you deserve. Wishing you all the best happy ending that you can all have.
Thank you,

#88416 - 12/03/15 02:38 PM Re: My girls are almost five [Re: vitoria]
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Vitoria, obviously since the internet has progressed from forum based systems to more social media (there is a Facebook site that seems somewhat active for example, but its closed due to spammers so one has to request to join) not very many people look or post here anymore.

I actually watch the site and approve new members when they request - more often than not i'm blocking new requesters because they're spammers (i can look up their IP's and emails).

Glad the site at the time was a source of support and reassurance when you needed it. I know it was for me 17 years ago when we formed it.

Keeping the Faith, John Q.
John Quebedeaux - Father to Alexander and Kevin, 3/25/98 momo twins.


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