I can not find a similar story like mine anywhere. It seems most are told at 8-11 weeks not conjoined. My 8 week ultrasound was with my regular obgyn who missed the 2nd baby bc they were side by side head to torso. I came back at 9 weeks with complications and they seen both babies still in the same position. I immediately was sent to and MFM for possible conjoined. The MFM could not get them to move apart at all but did a head to torso on both and heart rates on both and said he counted all limbs on both also did a color Doppler and blood flowed seperate. So he said conjoined at head. Could he have gotten this wrong? I waited 2 weeks and went to a different MFM for an opinion if they were conjoined at the head to my surprise the heads were apart but still in same position but only 1 body 1 spine 1 heart and 2 heads. 2 cords were normal but she said fluid on the spine. Now this week my regular obgyn wanted to see me to make sure they were alive I'm 12 weeks they were still in the pane position like a Y 1 body 2 heads. I go back to my original MFM next week at 13 weeks. If he seen 2 hearts and body's at 9 weeks on a high resolution machine how is this possible and why won't they move apart?