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#88424 - 03/04/17 06:37 PM Membrane Found at 24 Weeks
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Just here to share my story with all of you lovely ladies smile

During my first ultrasound at 12 weeks pregnant, I found out I was carrying twins, which was shocking news in and of itself. Then, I was told that there is no membrane, and that the twins were monoamniotic as well as all of the risks involved. Needless to say, I left the doctor's office crying, and continued to cry every night for about a week straight. I eventually accepted that they were mono amniotic, and actually started to feel positive about the whole situation. After many ultrasounds and doctors' visits, still no membrane, and it was a sure thing in my mind. Just 2 days ago, at 24 weeks 3 days, I had an ultrasound and the student doctor said "Fluid levels look good between the two." The wording of this sounded odd to me, so I inquired "You mean for one sac, right?" He looked at me puzzled and started to explain the different types of twins. I then told him I'm well aware and that I am having monoamniotic twins. He checked my records, saw that it was written down, and said "Well, I'm looking at a membrane right now." I couldn't stop giggling with joy, which made the rest of the ultrasound very difficult, but it was true! He got the MFM, and it was confirmed at 24 weeks, that there was a membrane!

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That's awesome a membrane was eventually found! Especially that it was pretty clear in that session! Thanks for sharing that story. There is a Facebook page for Momo's which is mostly why so few people post here anymore - it's all gone to social media. But there is still a lot of good info in these boards.

Keep asking each time that they see the membrane - hopefully they'll continue to keep a close eye on them! I believe there have been one or two cases where a membrane was seen but later broken but usually earlier than yours. So it's great news that at 24 weeks there is a membrane!!!! I know that at our 24 week visit it was clear there were already knots in the cords seen on ultrasound... i have to think today's ultrasounds are much better than 18+ years ago (my boys turn 19 this month!)

Hoping the best for you! Keeping The Faith,

John Q.
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